THE STEEL AND METAL COMPANY is an Eastern Works Company Trade Mark.

The Steel and Metal Company is a specific Company whose network and flexibility allow us and make possible, to supply very small starting from one container of 22 tons to Thousands tons of Ferrous and non- Ferrous metals.

This is possible on long and flat ferrous on ferrous and non- ferrous products, on metals scraps and semi-finished products.

To answer and to match the various requirements of various sectors of ferrous and non- ferrous materials in industry, the Steel and Metal Company is enough skilled and experienced to work with specific partners.

They guarantee the full requirements of our qualitative and quantitative requested norms.

Quality: In various internationally well- known standards...

Our suppliers and partners are International groups and companies, but also very local Companies, we personally know and trust each other based on mutual benefits for a long time of relationships.

Our very local agents and specific partners worldwide can guarantee a specific answer that also includes specific advantages that can be shared with you.

If you are looking for some products and services especially skilled in sourcing, supplying, logistics, and Finance, you will see that you will earn and win on a first and financial basis and for the best service, from Request to delivery.

At the end you will earn more than if you would do it alone